“The carpet [Powerbond®] has performed 100% for the last 25 years. Sustainability is a key issue for us, since we would rather invest our budget dollars in items like textbooks and technology. This flooring has provided cost and performance benefits that have far surpassed our expectations.”

Rock Witte
Maintenance & Operations Manager
Ephrata School District, WA

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At Beresford, we work closely with our select partners, Tandus® Flooring, Mondo® Flooring and Recovery1 to deliver third-party certified and verifiable sustainable solutions. In fact, through a joint partnership with Tandus Flooring and Recovery1, Beresford has reclaimed over 100 tons of non-biodegradable commercial flooring.


Tandus® Flooring and their Infinity Initiative advances business practices to yield sustainability solutions to meet the critical environmental challenges facing the floor covering industry. The research and development behind the Infinity Initiative led to the introduction of the industry’s first closed-loop recycling program in 1994. Since then, Tandus Flooring has reclaimed and recycled more than 200 million pounds of the industry’s flooring and manufacturing waste. In fact, more than 60 percent or 120 million pounds of the reclaimed waste products are competitor’s products.

In 2000, Tandus Flooring became the first in the industry to acquire third-party certification for environmental claims. This process was highlighted in 2010 when its Center for Environmental Innovation became the world’s first and only third party certified flooring reclamation center. Floor products produced through the Tandus Flooring Center for Environmental Innovation are used in its standard ER3® and ethos™ backings.

Tandus Flooring offers modular and Powerbond products that contain 42% to 60% recycled content (at least 10% of which is post-consumer). Broadloom styles contain 10% to 26% recycled content. ErgoStep™ Cushion broadloom styles contain 5% rapidly renewable material derived from soybean oil. Additionally, some styles are available with Genesis, a unique fiber system that incorporates a sheath-core construction made with a bio-based polymer and nylon. All Tandus Flooring products meet the CRI Green Label Plus IAQ standard. All Powerbond ER3 cushion, Powerbond ethos cushion, ER3 modular and ethos modular styles are third party certified Platinum Level to the NSF 140-2007 Standard.

Sustainability Publications:
Tandus Flooring & LEED PDF Document
This Is Not A Carpet Company PDF Document


Mondo® has long been committed to producing flooring that minimizes impact on the environment and contributes to a healthy atmosphere. Throughout a product’s lifecycle, from materials sourcing to production and from installation to disposal, Mondo goes to great lengths to ensure its flooring remains friendly to the environment.

Throughout its 60-year history, Mondo has invested heavily in research and development to produce high-quality products that meet the industry’s strictest quality standards, require minimal maintenance and are environmentally safe. Mondo’s rubber flooring products contribute to LEED initiatives because they are not only antibacterial and antimicrobial throughout, but are free of harmful chemicals as well. As a result, they help create healthy indoor environments.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Mondo is committed to producing surfaces that do not harm the environment at any stage of the manufacturing process, from the time raw materials are harvested to production to disposal following their useful life, which can be up to 20 years or more. Mondo rubber flooring is made of sustainable materials including renewable natural rubber, natural fillers, and color pigments that are free of lead and other heavy metals. The company’s artificial turf products also are environmentally friendly, and are made with post-consumer recycled content and recyclable materials. Ecofill Star, Mondo’s newest artificial turf infill, is a patented, environmentally friendly, factory-manufactured polyolefin-based granule infill. It is completely recyclable, which is an industry first.

Sustainability Publications:
Mondo Green Brochure PDF Document
GreenGuard Certification for Flooring PDF Document


Spanning over five acres, Recovery 1 is resource recovery, recycling & research facility located in Tacoma Washington. The organization has diverted more than one million tons of material from landfill use and disposal, boasting an overall recycling rate of ninety-eight percent. For nearly two decades, Recovery 1 has been pushing beyond simple resource recovery and has been committed to exploring the most forward thinking solutions to sustainable waste management systems in order to reduce the load on community landfills, conserve resources for future use and develop processes to convert waste to recycled products.

Recovery 1 receives co-mingled loads of construction, demolition and land clearing (CDL) debris. The CDL is sorted, processed and transformed into valuable commodities. Although the services offered apply across a diverse client base including contractors, developers, manufacturers, material suppliers, railroad and other industries, the broad range of capabilities enables it to tailor its services to meet each clients needs.

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